Board of Directors

The NJAWT Board is made up of a five member Executive Committee and eight Committee Chairs. Together they run the organization, develop membership, organize meetings and create programs and social events. They serve a two-year term.


Below is a picture and listing of all 2016-2018 Board Members.


Pictured from left to right front row: Debra Haverson, Janice Della Badia

Pictured from left to right back row: Dana Oliver, Christine Valentin, Marcia Lite-Braus, Kimberly Goodrich, Meryl Nadell, Phyllis Kopit, Sharon McCobin, Bebe Brusky, Lynn Mollick, Beverly Hays

Not Pictured: Susan Orshan


Click on the “Committees” tab under About Us to see a description of all the committee functions.



New Jersey Association of Women Therapists Board of Directors