Our History


In May of 2021, NJAWT will celebrate 45 years of education and support to its members!

The New Jersey Association of Women Therapists (NJAWT) is a vibrant, multi-disciplinary association of mental health professionals that draws its members from throughout the state. We were founded in 1976 by a  group of 12 women therapists who felt isolated in their work and desired a way to come together to find support and opportunities for professional collaboration. The group gained momentum and over the years evolved into what is now a stimulating and well established collegial organization that offers opportunities for continuing education. Our membership serves the New Jersey community by offering mental health services via their work in private practice, mental health facilities, universities, hospitals and other settings.

NJAWT is a non-profit organization run by and for women therapists. Our membership is comprised of professional women who meet the New Jersey state and/or National licensure standards or hold a temporary/provisional permit in any of the various mental health fields and have a minimum of a Master’s Degree in mental health discipline. The Organization’s stated purpose is to provide members with an opportunity to meet for fellowship, exchange ideas with colleagues, and for continuing educational and professional growth.

We understand and support the needs, challenges and gifts that are unique to women therapists. We achieve this through offering General Meetings, Conversation Hours, peer-led support and special interest groups, our monthly e-newsletter called the “E-Bulletin” and a private Facebook group. We invite you to browse the pages on our website to learn more about us, become involved and meet our members.

Founding Members E. Betty Levin, President, 1982-1984 
and Sheila E. Dancz, President, 1986-1988

We were saddened to learn of the passing of E. Betty Levin, one of our founding members, who died on May 16, 2018 at the age of 92.  Betty continued to attend meetings until weeks before her death and was an inspiration to us all.

Meet The Board of Directors

The NJAWT Board is made up of a four member Executive Committee and eight Committee Chairs. Together they run the organization, develop membership, organize meetings and create programs and social events. They serve a two-year term.

2020-2022 Executive Board 

Jodi Brodsky

MSW, MA, LCSW, Secretary

Pamela Brodie

PhD., LPC, Treasurer

Leslie S. Tsukroff

MSW, LCSW, President

Kimberly Goodrich

MSW, LCSW, LCADC, Vice President

Debra Haverson

MSW, LCSW, Membership Chair

2020-2022 Committee Chairs 

Program Chair
Position Currently open!
Please contact Kimberly Goodrich if interested.
Beverly Hays

MSW, LCSW, Publicity Chair

Caren Cagiano

MSW, LCSW, Member-at-Large

Sharon McCobin

MSW, LCSW, Member-at-Large

Meryl Nadell

MSW, LCSW, President Emeritus

Christine Valentin

MSW, LCSW, Hospitality Chair

Phyllis Kopit

MSW, LCSW, Communications Chair

Marisa Tucker

MSW, LCSW, Nominating Chair

Leslie S. Tsukroff, MSW, LCSW

A message from NJAWT’s President 

Greetings NJAWT Members,

As we welcome 2021, I am reminded of where I was last year before the world turned upside down.  I was at NJAWT’s Winter General Meeting, sharing a fabulous meal (lovingly prepared by Jodi Brodsky), connecting with my NJAWT colleagues and participating in an outstanding presentation on Narcissism (conducted by our very own, world-renowned expert, Wendy Behary).  It was cold, and wet and I almost didn’t go, but I am so glad I did!  Attending rejuvenated me after what then seemed like a never-ending winter (who would have imagined what was in store) and solidified my decision to accept the nomination as NJAWT’s next President.

I’ve been looking back over the past few weeks. In some respects, it seems that time has gone by so slowly, but then I think, where did 11 months go?