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NJAWT Memberships

Our Membership Chair, Sonja Seglin, organizes and oversees our annual membership drive. If you are not yet a member of NJAWT, and meet the following membership requirements, or if you are renewing, please click the appropriate “apply” button below.

Questions? Please contact Sonja Seglin, LPC., (312) 469-0398


Full Membership

Prospective candidates must meet the New Jersey State and/or national licensure standards or hold a temporary permit in any of the various mental health fields, and have a minimum of a Master's Degree in a mental health discipline, licensed in their field of mental health practice.



Student Membership



NJAWT offers student membership to those who are matriculated in an accredited Graduate Program in a Mental Health discipline and either resides in New Jersey or attends school in New Jersey.



Retired Professionals Membership

NJAWT encourages retired mental health professionals to be a part of our organization. Retired therapists residing in NJ, who were previously licensed in a mental health profession are welcome to join.

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